People often don’t live in very large houses, so a great solution  is to have all the furniture they want and have enough space at the same time.  Designed by Rami Tareef  Studio , this furniture is awesome:  it turns from a coffee table into a sofa in one simple action. And if you need the table you just have to put the cushion back in the box. It stays hidden in your living room, unfolding like an origami puzzle from a minimalist side table when needed.  It’s that simple!

foldigon designrulz (3)

The upholstery is divided into polygons to create living hinges and allow the folding and fitting of the upholstery to
different sitting positions. The inspiration was the Japanese Bento box and the contrast between the clean outer appearance to the inner richness of colors and textures. The origami technique inspired us to create an impressive layout that exceeds the boundaries of the base structure.

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