“Why buy a new chair when you can dress up the one you have?” asked a team of designers in Amsterdam. There’s the upholstery option, of course, but that means enlisting a professional, which quickly gets expensive. Plus, you can’t scale in places like offices and schools.   Dutch designers Bernotat & Co developed the concept for people to recycle old chairs and make them more comfortable to sit on.

designrulz chair (1)

These bizarre slipcovers from Bernotat & Co. give your furniture a makeover in this fashion. The Chair Wear series includes four designs: Pique-Pocket, Knit-Net, Hoodini, and Big Baggy. It should come as no surprise that the prêt-a-porter collection began as a joke–Hoodini is, after all, only a branch or two away from the Snuggie on the infomercial family tree. The back features pockets for newspapers, books and magazines, while the side pockets have space for stationary, iPads, iPhones and a hanging loop for headphones.



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