Fruit Wall is an interesting concept developed by a pair from Minnesota that have the idea for us all to get our fruits and veggies out of the traditional bowl and put them out for show. If you’re like us, and have a host of tons of great farmer’s markets in your area– you’ll want to show off all of that beautiful local produce. Fruit Wall allows you to show off


1. The fruit can breathe.

You can arrange the fruit so it doesn’t touch
The fruit doesn’t get piled on top of each other so the bottom fruit doesn’t get crushed
You can easily see when something is starting to go bad, allowing you to use it up before that happens. This will save you a lot of money by making use of fruit and vegetables you might normally have had to throw away.


2. Rotate your food for freshness

Fruit-Wall allows you to organize your fruit by what needs to be eaten first. You can avoid the older fruit going bad by eating them before the newer fruit. How does Fruit-Wall help with this? It’s as easy as shifting them to the left, for example, and adding the new pieces to the right! But that’s up to you.This way, kids and absent-minded adults can just grab the apple on the left without having to think about which one needs to be eaten first.

3. Eat your fruit at room temperature

Keeping your fruit at Fruit-Wall it can ripen naturally and will taste even better

4. Save space on the counter and in the fridge

Hang up to 44 pounds of fresh fruit an vegetable
in your kitchen, you can use this space where nothing else would normally fit.
We also save space in the fridge by not filling it up with fruit and vegetables.
Fruit-Wall takes up very little space!!!while still prolonging the life of your fresh goods.

5. Easily make your shopping list .Having everything right in front of you helps see what you really need

In just one glance, you can see which fruits and vegetables you have on hand and what you’re missing. This helps you decide what to cook that day and easily make your shopping list.

6. Promotes eating fresh fruit for the whole family

Easy access to the fruit is another great advantage

Fruit can be stored outside the refrigerator and can be eat eaten at room temperature at any time. This is a delicious way to enjoy all its natural flavor.
Having the fruit in plain sight makes you want to eat it. Especially kids.


7. Easy to clean

A damp cloth is all you need

8. Height is no problem.

Personalize your Fruit-Wall to be up to six shelves. Unneeded shelves can be removed simply and easily and conveniently stored anywhere.


9. Life-time usage

Great durability. Simple and efficient design. High-quality materials.

10. It’s easy to hang

You only need 3-5 screws, depending on the size of your model


11. And of course, Fruit-Wall has esthetic value too! It looks beautiful.

It brightens up any room, its minimalistic design lets the fruit you choose take center stage.
Having a Fruit-Wall is like having a live still life that changes shape and color everyday!! Fruit-Wall fills your blank wall with color. You can combine colors, shapes, textures…your kitchen will never be the same!!
Put Fruit-Wall in your life and you’ll have something that adds vitality, practicality, warmth and distinction to your house.
Fruit-Wall will undoubtedly mark a before and an after in the concept of fruit bowls. Once you’ve got one, you’ll never go back to a traditional fruit bowl.


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