As the name suggests, the Convertible Courtyards House, by , kinetically adapts to the notoriously variable climate found in Melbourne, Australia. This project added a kitchen, living area, dining area, bathroom, master bedroom and two decks to a previously overlooked yet charming weatherboard cottage in the inner urban suburb of Prahran. Nestled on an intimate street, the existing house is one of a series of heritage protected cottages. In response to the north-facing block of land, a central courtyard was created between the weatherboard and modern extension in order to flood the open kitchen, living and dining area with natural light. A carefully detailed glazed linkway runs along the central courtyard and vertical battens cast a playful cadence of shadows across the floor and walls as one transitions between old and new. A second courtyard straddles the living room to the south and allows access to the rear garden where the client and his young daughter avidly nurture various vegetables and herbs.


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