Each year brings in a whole new set of trends for the house and home, and bathrooms are no different to the rest of the house. 2014 will see a complete overhaul in bathroom design, moving away from the recent styles of shabby chic and bohemian that have been popular over the last decade and towards a more modern, sleek feel.


The idea is to create a more tranquil environment drawing on Japanese minimalism. The shapes of a bathroom in 2014 will be more fluid and liquid, with lines flowing into one another. The bathroom should be a stylish yet calm place to relax, and the lack of clutter and mismatched shapes and pieces will assist this.
Floating sinks such as the Ideal Standard Concept Cube basin and cabinets that are less obtrusive will be your key pieces, creating more room for storage and less angular edges.


Leading on from the rise in popularity of wet rooms in recent years, having a more fluid move from shower into bathroom will continue to be embraced. This can be achieved in a larger room by having a shower tray without a lip or curb to obstruct it.


The feel of the bathroom should be one of style and luxury. There will be a move towards having a spa like environment in your own home, with saunas and steam rooms becoming more of the norm in domestic bathrooms. Instead of being built in, freestanding bath tubs will become more popular, in particular soak tubs.


In terms of colour this season, it’s out. There will be a lot less colour – no more of the pastel pinks and lime greens that have been popular in the last couple of years. Instead, muted and more elegant colours will take pride of place, with the most popular schemes being monochrome: black and white.

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