Hidden doors aren’t something new; they have been in existence from the ancient times. As a matter of fact these can be traced back to AD 1000, the builders then in some cases hid the secret doors behind the statues. These have been used by the kings, sometime for storing wealth and in other times for a quick getaway when the situation arose. Over a period of time, things have changed, and now hidden doors and fortified secret rooms exist in private residences. These also now called as ‘safe rooms’ are hidden (not just with window treatments, but covered with panels that match the existing walls or door of the residence) and provide a secure location within the residence to the inhabitants in an unwanted situation. Jodie Foster’s movie in 2002 really made these ‘safe rooms’ popular; though these are typically for the celebrities and the high profile executives.


If you like to create your very own unique hidden space then you can always employ architects and interior designers. And there are quite a few companies that specialize in these hidden/secret doors and as a matter of fact some even stock pre-built hidden doors. And if you want a secret room but cant afford one, then there is always do-it-yourself options, though the process could be quite tiring.

You want one ? Then go ahead and order the Hidden door Hinge System



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