Today the bathroom sink has a diverse and beautiful form, and not boring as sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories. Technological advances into sink material ranging from the natural to the manufacturer. sink material selection is usually dependent of any bathroom theme that will enhance the aesthetic value.

NATURAL- designrulz-002

Set your bathroom decor apart with this amazing natural stone sink, created by nature and polished by man. This wonderfully asymmetrical sink boasts unique patterning and color, and an unfinished outer surface that preserves the earthy character of the stone. Upon purchase, you will receive the vessel sink shown in the images. “Natural stone sinks are one of our newer products that very quickly became our best-sellers. We hand select every piece of stone to ensure the pattern of the matrix is outstanding. The shape is unique – made to fit the natural lines of the stone. Please, note that they have a larger drain size of 1 3/4? which is produced as a safety measure since these sinks do not have an overflow.” Do not hesitate to contact them with any questions.


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