Built in 2002, reaching a total built area of 21,000 sqm and 15,152 sqm of a rentable space, Europe House is one of the most representative office buildings in Bucharest, Romania. Even if the business center was viewed as a highly modern construction 10 years ago, its lobby needed a complete reorganization of space in 2012. The team hired for the project of redesigning the entrance hall offered a totally different concept, keeping granite floor and walls unchanged, as well as the old bar with all its annexes. At the beginning, an uninspired chaos governed the space: the bar, the lounge areas nearby, the reception and the waiting rooms were distinct, creating the feeling of a messy picture. The team came with the idea of a clean X & O concept: X represents the intersection of two office desks, while O has a social function ( table that invites people gather around an island of green plants).        

More details on www.bnab.ro.

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