Here is PA1, a Wall Speaker System with Dual Stereo Pairing. It’s simple, stylish, smart yet sophisticated. Perfect addition for your modern home. Support it on KickStarter and make sure you’re one of the first to enjoy this awesome product.

A completely new audio experience, the PA1 is an affordable, high quality home audio system created by Studio Proper, the Melbourne based startup behind the successful ‘Wallee’ range of modular iOS accessories.

The PA1 is a speaker that packs in bold audio performance and superior styling. Modularly designed to work alongside Proper’s current portfolio of products with a modern look materiality to match – PA1 is a must have for any audiophile!

PA1 is the result of the desire to not just create a sound source, but rather an enveloping sound experience unlike any other Bluetooth speaker offering. Primary objectives were superior audio quality and unrivalled easy of use which has lead to a distilled experience, centered around a single button. The result is that you’re able to get straight to the music without the need for a several step setup process.

Competing with the likes of Sonos but at a fraction of the price, PA1 speakers connect to each other wirelessly, allowing them to be positioned optimally, whether that is side by side, or up to 10 meters apart.

Studio Proper, in keeping with their existing material DNA, further illustrates their dedication to selecting only the finest materials. PA1 is produced from machined, anodized Aluminum with an interchangeable cover allowing for customisation.Speaker-10

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