Although the capital of Russia is known for everything but warmth, Igor and Natalia, owners of the apartment below decided to change the atmosphere at home. Therefore, bright accents and lots of vivid details were brought inside, relying on two basic principles: quality and affordability. IKEA and ZARA, brands you can count on when decorating with a small budget represented a good choice. The lamps hanging over the island were found at OBI, the ottomans and other comfortable items were bought from Smart Balls. In a minute, the sea and the sand the young couple are in love with appeared on the horizon. Well, the apartment did not change the location, but the doors and the walls painted with expressive tones remind them of the vacation in Bali they spent after the wedding. Since the owners love to invite their friends at dinners and parties, the kitchen and the living room were joined together. It can easily fit 20-30 people!

Lying in a hammock in the evening, you can admire the city!
Bottles of parfumes
The apartment has only one bedroom.
The hallway…in blue and yellow!

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