The Willow House is a private residence designed by Guz Architects. Located in Singapore, it was designed with a young family in mind. According to the architects: “We tried to take advantage of it’s hilltop position by opening up the building plan to make the most of the prevailing breezes and of what little wind there is in Singapore. Orientation and massing of the house was instrumental in encouraging those breezes. We always wanted this to be a home with soul, so designing spaces where a family could live together and interact was always part of the brief, and hopefully the design reflects this. We have tried to draw nature in as much as we can in the relatively dense urban environment of Singapore.”

Photos by: Patrick Bingham Hall

Willow House-designrulz-001 Willow House-designrulz-002 Willow House-designrulz-003 Willow House-designrulz-004 Willow House-designrulz-005 Willow House-designrulz-006 Willow House-designrulz-007 Willow House-designrulz-008 Willow House-designrulz-009 Willow House-designrulz-010 Willow House-designrulz-011 Willow House-designrulz-012 Willow House-designrulz-013 Willow House-designrulz-014 Willow House-designrulz-015 Willow House-designrulz-016 Willow House-designrulz-017