A small cocoon of luxury, the Thalassor Baleina whirlpool tub wraps you in soothing jets of water. The soft organic design of the Baleina whirlpool tub sweeps up to a point high above the turbulent water. From there the water cascades dramatically into the tub. The end result is a bath that is both an artistic sculpture and a soothing fountain. A fantastic way to create an elemental focal point in your bathroom, the Baleina whirlpool tub is a tribute to water. Featuring an array of Hydrojets, massage jets and a chromotherapy system the Baleina Whirlpool offers spa luxuries in the comfort of your own home. With over 512 colors at your fingertips, you sure to find exactly the right colour to soothe your soul. A modern and distinctive tub design, the Thalassor Baleina Whirlpool Tub can create a safe shell of relaxation away from work and stress.


Taking a bath in this whale bath is very relaxing experience. Just look at the design. The mini shower like a little waterfall looks great. Besides wonderful design, you also have bubble massage and chromatherapy lighting. All these to make you feel like “The king” of the ocean riding a furious whale.The price for the whale bath is $2,995.00.”The soothing and therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy have been proven effective time and time again. The swirling warm waters of a whirlpool bath treat a plethora of ailments, such as arthritis, rheumatism, and a host of back pain problems. Whirlpool treatments also increase blood flow to tissue layers, resulting in improved circulation and glowing skin.

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