Stars, snowflakes, icicles, polar bears and ceramics angels have invaded the city recently. A sign Christmas is near and we prepare to transform our houses in little heaven places that are going to sparkle in pine green, snow white and heart red. Beside the traditional colors I have already mentioned, gold and silver are also very common. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create at home, try to find the perfect mix between colors and materials. The ideas presented below were spotted, an online shop that made a considerable stock for Christmas. Here are some tips to made Santa come inside: accent a bright white door with the deep colors of an evergreen wreath and garland, greet guests with a bright arrangement of seasonal paperwhites, heather, juniper, and moss in a planter that hangs directly on your front door or arrange a grouping of festive lanterns at your entryway for quick-and-easy holiday style.

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