2 Carat Cup, $10

This teacup has an engagement ring attached to the lower end of the cup. The idea behind this product is that you could give your partner a hint that you would like to get married. When the user holds the cup in their hand their finger slides into the ring and it looks like its being worn as an engagement ring.

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Recycled Tea Service: A Proposal – Engagement Set, $40.00

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Proposal cup, will you marry me, personalized cup, $12

Trying to find an unique way to propose? Well, this cup may fulfill your need! Once the drink is finished, she ( or maybe he – why not? ) will see the words of saying ” Will you marry me” and her name.

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Will You Marry Me – Upcycled Vintage Coffee Spoon $38

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 I Do, Me Too Couple Mugs, $29.99

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Marry me mug

I actually think this would be a good way to propose if the person loves tea or coffee.

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Marry me mug $13

In a corporate world of look-a-like suits and buttoned-up conformity – our office coffee mug is one of the few ways we get to express our personality. With a Mr P Mug on your desk, youll be letting the world know that under that corporate exterior theres a wicked wit just waiting to have some fun!

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Propaganda Mug, $12.99

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