What we usually enjoy at contemporary design is its functionality and reliability. Surfaces are smooth and clean, accessories are minimalist and symbolical, furnishing is stylish and cutting-edge. Keeping in mind these characteristics,  Viarde, an  Eastern European computer graphics studio, proposed a residential project that meets the needs of urban, enthusiastic spirits. If you’re one of these, then you’ve come to the right place. Paying tribute to ultramodern design, the apartment invites you in a space where high-tech solutions combine efficiently with exquisite elements. The living room offers an ‘adventurous escape’, letting the inhabitants admire fabulous scenes with sky scrappers, behind an impressive TV-set, while the dining room attracts you in a familiar, cozy zone. Even if you may feel like entering a showroom when looking at the project, the apartment only needs a personal touch to become the coolest crib in the city!

Viarde is an Eastern European computer graphics studio. They are specialized in graphics for architectural firms, advertising agencies and all kinds of industrial companies around the world.

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