Although different styles and eras come to our mind when we start decorating, contemporary design is always a solution we can count on every time. Why? Because it relies on smooth and polished surfaces, clean lines, simple and uncluttered look. Russian designer Mihail Bendus published on his personal blog a project that perfectly speaks for these values: it may feel cold, but it is spacious and comfortable and, what I love most,  it focuses on color, texture, furniture and lighting. Sheltered in a ‘glass box’, the living room invites the inhabitants to connect with nature through large, wide windows and ample green plants, in vases, behind the sofa. The bedroom relies on grey-white-black contrasts, making the viewer look for interesting shadows and spots of light. Do not be afraid of interiors without colors – they let you reflect and meditate a little.  Have a look and let us know if Mihail Bendus’s project convinced you to start redecorating your house!

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