Every cool cat deserves a home that’s just as hip, so this holiday, pamper you kitten with a modern hideaway. These 15 feline-friendly dens are designed to keep your cat purring in style, so you’ll never have to worry about cages or kooky cat towers ruining your decor ever again! If you have no idea what cat furniture  to buy, take a look at our examples.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Tired of purchasing cat products that your feline loved ones get bored of, quickly? PetFusion’s Cat Scratcher Lounge serves double duty as both a cat scratcher and lounge that promises to keep your finicky companions coming back for more. Custom made for cats who enjoy scratching, playing and lounging around (what cats don’t :). Cats love the feel of cardboard, recalling their days as kittens and are natural scratchers. PetFusion’s Cat Scratcher Lounge offers your cats a comfortable place to rest and scratch at the same time. Designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes. Finally a pet product with a stylish design that flows with your home decor. Instead of scratching your furniture, your cats will be more than happy to scratch the less expensive and better feeling cardboard. A win situation for all. Happier cat and owner guaranteed. No assembly required. All materials tested using international safety standards.

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The CatCase: a Bookcase and a Ideal Playground for Your Cat


Cabin Cat Playhouse– $28

Let your cat feel like king of the wild frontier in this cozy cabin. Faux wood grain paneling and a tiny set of moose antlers add to the adorably rustic feel.

designrulz-pet- 001

 Teepee Cat Playhouse (by Suck UK)

Who says dreamy teepees are only for humans? This whimsical shelter is a great place to retire for a peaceful pow-wow.

designrulz-pet- 002

Shark Pet Beds and Grey Shark Bed for Small Cat

For a second there, we thought this kitten had succumbed to the wrath of Sharknado. But we were mistaken: it’s just a totally radical cat bet! This plush shark-shaped bed is not just playful, it’s also made with self-cleaning nanotechnology that absorbs unwanted odors.

designrulz-pet- 003

Cat Nap Cocoon

If your cat’s a total cuddle bug, let him snuggle up in this wool cocoon. There might not be a more chic (or comfy) way to play hide and seek!

designrulz-pet- 005cat (1)cat (2)

Scratch Cabin

This multi-functional cat house is the ultimate den for active cats. Your little nugget can go from purring to swatting a dangling mouse toy in seconds! Plus, its curved side panels are prepped for quality scratch time whenever your kitty pleases.

designrulz-pet- 006

 Guisapet Cat Cave (roughly $121): Cute cat ears are all the rage this season—on loafers, on rings, and now on cat homes! This one comes in a variety of bold colors, which would surely fit right in with the decor in any modern home.

designrulz-pet- 007

 Over the Door Cat Condo ($150): Here’s a space-saving cat condo that’s suited for a multi-cat home (it holds up to five felines!). This vertical condo hangs over the top of a door, allowing your furry friends to pop in and out while you come and go.

designrulz-pet- 008

Log Cat House

Add to your home’s natural motif with this faux log cat house. Even set out on a deck, porch, or yard (the handmade hut is totally weather-proof) so your feline feels at home-sweet-home in the great outdoors.

designrulz-pet- 009

 Hepper Pod Cat Bed – Green

Futuristic pod meets comfy cat canopy in this elevated cat bed. Let your cat perch in the shade or lift the removable top to give it some fresh air.

designrulz-pet- 010

Energy Pyramid Cat Home

 This might be the most magnificently modern cat house we’ve ever seen. The black and white-striped, pyramid-shaped home is a must-have for the most hip of hipster cats (and owners!).

designrulz-pet- 011

Modern Cat House

Meet the penthouse of modern cat houses. Made of beautifully stained plywood, this made-to-order cat home would make quite the splurge for a well-pampered cat.

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