Self-Watering Planter for Windowsills/Small Spaces   $39.99 

Self-Watering Planter for Windowsills/Small Spaces. Innovative, self-watering windowsill planter features a water reservoir which provides water to your plant for approximately 2 weeks. A water gauge indicates when the reservoir is empty and needs to be refilled. Water is conveyed directly to the roots of the plant by a unique funnel system which keeps the top surface of the soil area dry. Dry surface areas effectively reduce gnats and fungi for indoor house plants. A specially formulated granular material, called Lechuza PON separates your potting soil from its water reservoir, aerates the roots, provides your plant with nutrition and helps regulate adequate water supply. This elegant planter is for indoor use and perfectly fits narrow spaces. Ideal for blooming plants, edibles and foliage. They fit perfectly together in a duo on sideboards, windowsills or tables.

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Hanging Window Plant Shelves $129.00

Beautiful Views introduces a better way to grow your plants, flowers and herbs indoors – an attractive and easy to install plant-shelving system that hangs directly in your window. Each four-shelf unit comes completely pre-assembled, and is ready to hang. Shelves are easily adjusted by repositioning the shelf support collars and re-tightening (allen wrench included). The clear acrylic shelves and small diameter cables do not distract from the beauty of your plants while dramatically increasing the number of plants that you can display within a single window. Now you can place 8 to 12 of your favorite plants in one window instead of just 2 or 3 on the sill. These highly configurable plant shelves are designed to easily attach to the top molding of your window using a support angle bracket & single fastener (included). For windows without molding, or for adding extra space so that blinds may also be used, we also offer a Mounting Kit (purchased separately) that will allow you to hang the shelves.

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Prepara Herb Savor – $26.17

Nothing makes your meals taste better than the freshest ingredients. The Prepara herb-savor will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks so you can enjoy fresh, flavorful meals every time you cook. Chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010. Herbs socked away in a refrigerator are preserved, but they do lose the original freshness and some of their ability to add flavor. If you want to keep them fresh, get the slim and rather good-looking Prepara Herb Savor. The herbs are kept vertical, with their stems submerged in water contained in the base. The steel basket above is removable, and the water below can be replaced. It fits into the refrigerator’s door, and keeps your herbs fresh for up to three weeks.


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Sky Planter Ceramic Mini Triple Pack with Ceiling Extensions $65.00

The Sky Planter helps you hang your plants upside down with a water reservoir at the top that feeds the roots. It’s a spill-proof system that brightens up your indoor décor without taking up any space. It can also add beauty to the outdoors. You can even plant herbs in your kitchen and pluck them fresh while cooking. This triple pack comes with a set of three Ceramic Boskke Sky Planters and everything you need to hang them up.

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Living Wall Planter, Vertical Garden, Indoor/Outdoor by Woolly Pocket $26.99


Simply attach tank, plant planter, then hang planter. Hardware included. Easy fasteners that work on masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood and metal walls and vertical surfaces. Extra quick and easy plant exchange. May be planted and replanted while planters are hanging on wall. PATENED VENTED SHELL Breathes and allows excess moisture to evaporate or pass-through. Plants can air-prune and develop healthy branching root structure. Helps prevent plants from becoming pot bound. Promotes live soil and organic gardening. SMART WATERING Self-watering tank with easy access watering holes delivers water to roots and fills reservoir. Self-watering: 1.5 Liter water distribution chamber allows roots to self- water for up to 2 weeks (depends on plants and environment).

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Eco Watering Spout – $9

Transform your empty plastic bottles into watering cans with this imaginative twist on bottle adaptors! Great idea that’s great for our planet. Made of recycled plastic.


Self-Watering Cones – $14

Fit 1-liter bottles for light watering or 2-liter bottles to deeply water thirsty plants. designed with punch-out holes to control the flow for sand, loam or clay. available in green for foliage and flower gardens. patent pending.



Click and Grow Self Watering Planter

Click & Grow smartpot includes everything to become a modern gardener. Every starter kit includes an high-tech smartpot, plant cartridge with plant seeds, nutrients and software.

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Aqua Farm by Back To The Roots – $57

The most wondrous thing about nature is the simplicity with which the balance of life is maintained. Now you can create this balance in your own home with the help of the Aqua Farm. Plants have their roots in the water, and get their nutrients by extracting the fish waste. The clean water is then recycled back to the fish. There’s no need for soil or fertilizers for the plants, and the fish don’t need to have their water replaced separately.