Designer Till Könneker from Bern, Switzerland moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So he made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for his vinyl collection, his TV, clothes and shoes. That would be pretty smart if that were all, but The Living Cube Konneker built also opens up from the side to reveal tons of more storage space. We are strongly considering building our own as we speak. The sketches were beautifully transferred by Remo Zimmerli from Holzlaborbern.

living cube-designrulz-001 living cube-designrulz-002 living cube-designrulz-003 living cube-designrulz-004 living cube-designrulz-005 living cube-designrulz-006 living cube-designrulz-007 living cube-designrulz-008 living cube-designrulz-009 living cube-designrulz-010 living cube-designrulz-011

Photos by Rob Lewis