Soft Light is a soft and flexible light shade made of foamed polyurethane designed by Simon Frambach. Its curvy fluent shape that resembles a calabash pumpkin provokes an organic and familiar appearance for a thoroughly synthetic and industrialized material. Soft Light can be placed in unused spaces like cavities in furniture and other places as an object that fills a void in one’s living environment. Its warm and tangible surface invites to touching and literally feeling light. The result is a light which is extremely flexible in use without having a technical characteristic. The light shade has been crafted from a massive block of polyurethane foam on a simple self-constructed device for rotational milling. The device allows for a precise production of a desired shape. An energy saving light bulb, protected by a cage, illuminates the porous foam from the inside.


Soft Light-designrulz-001 Soft Light-designrulz-002 Soft Light-designrulz-003 Soft Light-designrulz-004