Completed 2012 by mikoustudio, the school complex is in the middle of an urban complex mainly composed of housing, near the city hall. We designed this amenity – which is emblematic of the city centre’s renewal – to be a strong architectural landmark in its neighbourhood that is both welcoming and protective, turned inwards towards inner courtyards to ensure the children’s privacy. Therefore, on the pedestrian street, our scheme presents a two-storey flat-facaded wall-building enlivened by a random series of openings alternating with solid timber panels of different colours. Viewed from above, the building is seen as a succession of planted terraces which open up and wrap themselves around the void of the nursery school playground on the ground floor. The external façades are composed of natural timber panels which alternate with timber-framed glazed panels on a horizontal grid.

mikou-designrulz-001 mikou-designrulz-002 mikou-designrulz-003 mikou-designrulz-004 mikou-designrulz-005 mikou-designrulz-006 mikou-designrulz-007 mikou-designrulz-008 mikou-designrulz-009 mikou-designrulz-010 mikou-designrulz-011 mikou-designrulz-012 mikou-designrulz-013 mikou-designrulz-014 mikou-designrulz-015