Istanbul-based designer Meb Rure has created a recycled silk chair, ottoman and stool. This ecological furniture family consist of chair, ottoman and stool which are made of American white oak and recycled silk yarns from Nepal. The ethnic-inspired design aims to bring warm and cheerful atmosphere to spaces. Colorful silk balls filled with sponge inside also provide a comfortable sitting experience. To decrease the carbon footprint while transporting legs are designed to easily assemble and disassemble even by one hand.


Meb Rure-designrulz-001 Meb Rure-designrulz-002 Meb Rure-designrulz-003 Meb Rure-designrulz-004 Meb Rure-designrulz-005 Meb Rure-designrulz-006 Meb Rure-designrulz-007 Meb Rure-designrulz-008 Meb Rure-designrulz-009 Meb Rure-designrulz-010 Meb Rure-designrulz-011