Zieharsofika should show new methods of upholstery construction, aiming to create a stiff cushion from a flat foam mat. By re-thinking cushioning techniques, the project uses conventional rubber foam mats which, with the help of elastic bands, come out as an ornamental form. The rectangular foam mat remains at a stretch and is only changed by layering and gathering it.  The benches and stools translate the beauty of a controlled drapery into a bigger dimension.  Compared to common upholstery products natural wrinkles are often hidden by a complicate construction. At the same time the connection to the wooden stool should be integrated into the construction. This combines two steps of making and avoids a permanent connection between foam and wood. The cushions are fixed to the wooden foodstool construction just by their elastic rubber bands. This design avoids permanent connections between the foam and the wood, making it easy to replace cushions when they become worn. Only three components (foam, rubber band and wood) are used to make assembling fast and simple.


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