Scandinavians, we all know, love to combine old and new, contemporary with ancient, luxurious items with minimalist objects. Spotted on, the completely restored apartment we present you today has everything an artistic spirit would love to find at home: originality, romanticism and coziness. At the entrance, a tall mirror in an ancient frame invites you inside. The tapestry with baroque ornaments reflects a sense of sophistication. Then, the living room says: ‘It’s time for a long chat in a large, comfortable sofa’! When the apartment was refurbished, white was chosen as a predominant color. You’ll easily notice that it functions very well with the pieces of furniture and other decorative items brought inside because it offers ‘space to exhibit’. If you are an antiquarian or you simply love to beautify the interior with unique, precious elements, it is always recommended to paint the walls in a light, simple color. Mixing styles requires attention to few principles and combination of colors, but even tough ‘less is more’ remains my everlasting motto for design aesthetic.    

sweden interiors-designrulz-001
Have a coffee on the terrace, admiring the city! Flowers and plants are a must-have in Scandinavian houses.
sweden interiors-designrulz-002
Nice contrasts with turquoise
sweden interiors-designrulz-003
The building is located in a very stylish district.
sweden interiors-designrulz-004
The neighbors :)
sweden interiors-designrulz-005
The shower area
sweden interiors-designrulz-006
The hallway
sweden interiors-designrulz-007
A park nearby
sweden interiors-designrulz-008
The mirror at the entrance

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