House Duk Meyersdal was designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects. The home is chic and sophisticated, using a mixture of materials and decorative accessories to add interest and variety. The concept incorporated the idea of floating elements which resulted in distinctive features that distinguish this house as a Nico van der Meulen masterpiece. The concept is clear and evident from the moment you arrive as your attention is drawn to floating planes hovering above you, as if suspended in mid air. Upon closer inspection these planes appear to be the main roof structure which at first seemed to be more of a decorative feature rather than a functional requirement. It is this very principle in design that creates beautiful and practical houses which become architectural works of art. Moving through the house and catching a glimpse of the floating staircase, you are drawn in by the transparency and openness of this home. Escorted graciously through the living spaces into the garden, you are once again introduced to what seems to be a floating block hovering in mid air which in fact is the main bedroom. The concept of floating elements was evident from every perspective and vantage point making sure this home always captivated your attention. Having a garden that is on a different level can often pose the problem of a disconnection between the covered patio and the pool/garden area. It was of utmost importance to ensure that the house and garden still related and interacted as one space rather than two disconnected areas. This was achieved by leveling the pool area and terracing the upper parts of the garden.

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