For this project,  designed by Studio 1408 , two penthouse apartments were connected and completely transformed in order to create one stunning 290 square meters two­story apartment. The F duplex is located in central Bucharest and occupies the highest two levels of a modern apartment complex.

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The upper floor of the apartment is the entry level and it features comfortable living spaces that set the mood for social and family activities: the entry area with dedicated storage and seating, guest bathroom, closed kitchen, dining area, a loggia designed for outside dining, living room area complete with a minimalistic wood fireplace, an office and a service bathroom with separate laundry room. The whole floor is surrounded by a beautiful terrace that offers 360 views over the city.

studio 1408-designrulz-002

On the lower floor we find two private spaces of the family, the master bedroom area with an extensive dressing room and a spectacular bathroom, and the children’s area which contains two bedrooms with en­suite bathrooms and a play room. The two areas are completely separated and have different staircases to the entry level.

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