A well organized and functional home is something we all strive for. Ippinka, a company from New York, should make that a whole lot easier ! Their principles of good design should appeal to any customer, no matter how picky he or she is.

At DesignRulz, we had the pleasure to test the Clip-on spout, a handy spout that easily clips onto pretty much any round kitchen vessel making the task of pouring or straining vegetables,  pasta or anything else easier. Using it is very straight forward, it will work with any pot and it will mold nicely to form a compact area so no leaking will happen. The Clip-on spout is made out of high-quality heat resistant silicone, stain proof  so it’s easy to wash.

Forget about using the lid for straining, we used it for tea, noodles, rice, pasta and the list can continue, the limit is just your cooking skills :) Also precise poring of liquids (grease, mixtures) or solids (sugar, small beans) can be done with it so baking or making cupcakes just became more fun.

Very functional with a minimalist aesthetic design and a must have for any kitchen. Buy it now from here.

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