Based in London, Chris Snook is a photographer specialized in interiors, property and architecture and he has built a strong client base since his graduation in 2007. With a bachelor in art and design, no surprise the images presented on show great compositions and fine observations of the details. Take a look through the gallery below to see his results and make the tips work for your home, too. Most of the interiors rely on modern set-ups, but none is borrowed from a showroom. Interesting lighting objects, large pictures or paintings, elegant candlesticks and mirrors with baroque frames add “the personal touch” anyone would love to create at home. Don’t forget to let natural light come inside all day long – it makes space larger and airy!

White and black – always a dynamic contrast!
The paintings with different Marilyn Monroe portraits make the kitchen look like an art gallery.
An elegant, chic dining room
Time to relax in a king size bed!
A grey interior with little turquoise elements that create an interesting effect.
Dramatic view in the bedroom
Always look to erase barriers between living room and kitchen – it makes the space look larger, providing easy access and strong connections.
The chairs with velvet tapestry remind me of a royal dinner.
A truly wonderful product came on the market a few decades ago: the fireplace. It changes the atmosphere immediately!

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