We love creative interiors! Creativity is a matter of practice, like many other things in life. There’s no doubt that anyone can be creative, as long as he or she looks for less ordinary approaches. When we first saw the Nussberg Penthouse interior, in Vienna, we thought that the client really wanted “a house to remember”.

Penthouse Nussberg is an interior project by beef architekti. Located on the hillside overlooking Vienna, this former hotel compound was rebuilt in the 90’s as housing. The split level penthouse on the top floor has two bedrooms and a roof terrace accessible by an outdoor spiral staircase. Perfectly oriented, this apartment is filled with natural light provided by the floor to ceiling windows. The use of natural materials and colours throughout creates a cosy atmosphere. Solid wood is used wherever possible, including on select interior walls which are clad in reclaimed 80-year old spruce. Fin Dining Chair by Matthew Hilton surrounds the dining table, and is also used as a desk chair in the bedroom.


beef architekti-designrulz-001 beef architekti-designrulz-002 beef architekti-designrulz-003 beef architekti-designrulz-004 beef architekti-designrulz-005 beef architekti-designrulz-006 beef architekti-designrulz-007