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When you think of PVC pipe, you probably don’t immediately think of fun, creative projects. But you should! PVC pipe is a great medium to employ while making holiday decorations or spending the afternoon with your kids. Here are some of our favorites! Enjoy!



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BRC Designs | Organ Chair and Low Table

Organ Chair – Inspired by the texture and dynamism of varying lengths of organ pipes, this modern chair is composed entirely of half-inch PVC conduit. The cushions, composed of thousands of white foam balls, are contained in a clear flexible plastic skin.

Organ Low Table – Inspired by the texture and dynamism of varying lengths of organ pipes, this modern low table is composed entirely of half-inch PVC conduit. BRC Designs is a Modern Studio Furniture Company.  All Modern Furniture Pieces are designed by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell.  view more:

pvc- furniture-001 pvc- furniture-002 pvc- furniture-003 pvc- furniture-004


Pvc Pipe Desk Lamp

This unique lamp is created from 1″PVC pipe fittings and is sure to start a conversation. It features a medium base socket, nickle plated toggle switch and an antique style, 8′ red cotton twist cord. All the electric components are new UL listed items and internal wiring is soldered. I do not include a bulb because I want you to be able to express your own unique style.  View more:

pvc- lamp--001

I love projects, like this ugly duckling lamp series from Hong Kong-based designer kamric, that give the lie to so-called “modern” design: Here’s something that looks just as good, and works just as well, as your snooty “designer” products, but is made from a couple bucks’ worth of hardware store materials.

pipe-designrulz-light-001 pipe-designrulz-light-002 pipe-designrulz-light-003 pipe-designrulz-light-004 pipe-designrulz-light-005 pipe-designrulz-light-006 pipe-designrulz-light-007 pipe-designrulz-light-008 pipe-designrulz-light-009

pipe-designrulz-001 pipe-designrulz-002

pvc- bed-001 pvc- mirror--001

Shoe Rack out of PVC Pipes

Don’t you feel like you always have too little space and too many shoes??? Instead of buying some expensive shoe rack, made one your self and from no other than PVC pipes! Cut them in equal pieces and glue them together making a desired form for the rack. It will not only cost little, but it will look unique.

pvc- shoes--001 pvc- table--001 pvc- table--002 pvc- wall deco--001

pvc- wall--001 pvc- wall-001

Wow!  I love this … and I can see the obvious paper-towel upcycle option.  Full set of instructions at Today’s Nest.

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