This gorgeous visualization of a slick 300 sq meter apartment, to be realized in St. Voroshilova, Dnepropetrovsk, was created by Alexander Chervinskyi for Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects. The plan was to divide the home into two zones, one full of activity, and the other quiet and serene, to compartmentalize work & play from restful sleeping. The active living area includes a long dining room for seating eight, a lounge with bright grassy green rug, and a sundeck with bustling city and river views; an elegant dual study lies just beyond tall, tinted sliding doors, to allow working life to be separated from family time at the end of the day. The homes allotted quiet zone is achieved by the natural sound barrier of an entrance hallway that peacefully isolates three bedrooms and a guest room, along with two cloakrooms and a utility room. The kitchen holds a breakfast dining area within its monochrome scheme, where a textured wall adds interest to the fresh white backdrop.
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