Spanish photographer Lluís Real and his wife, Gràcia live in a house where color, light and small details of the past are the stars. Spotted on, the place is one of the most interesting mixes of styles I have ever written about, moving somewhere between ‘eclectic’ and ‘collected’ aesthetics … under the sun of the Balearic Islands. The owners prove such an ability to edit and curate diverse pieces, eras and textures that I am ready to suggest the name of a style after their work. One tip they recommend: when you look to create a Bohemian atmosphere inside your house, let the materials and textures be the stars of the rooms (for example, open kitchens or dining rooms that combine rustic wood planks, and a slate floor with iconic modern pendants and contemporary chairs). Have a look on the photos and let us know if you’ve enjoyed the project!

eclectic interiors-designrulz-001
Art deco style reigns in the living room: chairs and armchairs from ’50s, Novocomum table and TMC floor lamp.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-002
In the dining room: ?Sevilla chairs and table from BD Barcelona Design, and a chandelier from 30s. On the terrace: Lord I chairs and Aracnida table from BD Barcelona Design.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-003
Red painted boxes bought from England
eclectic interiors-designrulz-004
The cabinet of treasures: the desk, family heritage keeps various collections, miniature tin boxes, a reading lamp, and an ‘Imperial 200’ typewriter.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-005
The sea, present all the time: a glass fish from ’50s and a painting from ’20s.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-006
An Art deco buffet and a pink opaline lamp from ’30.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-007
A vase made from a beer bottle!
eclectic interiors-designrulz-008
Bound by their passion for photography, Lluís and Gràcia pose in the studio: she, in a row of chairs from an English football stadium, he, near a Danish armchair.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-009
Nothing to hide: lots to show in the kitchen!
eclectic interiors-designrulz-010
Victorian glass bottles
eclectic interiors-designrulz-011
Perfect for reading!
eclectic interiors-designrulz-012
Unique pieces: voluptuous pale pink glass fruit bowl with metal foot from the 50s.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-013
Bench from a boat and blue chairs
eclectic interiors-designrulz-014
Show up the colors!
eclectic interiors-designrulz-015
In the living room, extra soft sofas contrast with aluminum shelves and table.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-016
A balance from the ’40s from a local antique shop, and? Lilliput salt and pepper shakers.
eclectic interiors-designrulz-017
‘Target retro’ telephone from 60’s, After Noah. More items on

eclectic interiors-designrulz-018