Monteverdi is a retreat located in Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Italy, and was designed by Ilaria Miani. The structure is surrounded by the stunning Tuscan countryside, and its interior makes use of the rustic element of the exposed ceiling beams and stone walls to add character. “Nestled in the historic heart of the Val d’Orcia region and lying dormant for the past few decades, the village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro has recently undergone a transformative restoration and re-emerged as a veritable destination, in its own right.  Having opened in August 2012, the 7-bedroom bijoux Hotel Monteverdi offers guests unmatched comfort, spectacular vistas of the verdant valley below, an adjoining outdoor swimming pool, and effortless guest services all within a stunning and charming cadre. In collaboration with Italian interior designer Ilaria Miani and Ernesto Bartolini of DA. Studio as principal architect, the property has brought together regional artisans utilizing craftsmanship on the brink of extinction, local stone masons and builders, and truly breathed new life into Monteverdi converting it into a “second-home getaway as an intellectual and cultural sanctuary.” The use of indigenous materials and reclaimed wood were central to the meticulous and authentic reconstruction of this former pensione. The Hotel at Monteverdi with her own tasteful and eclectic signature: a sensibility that embraces simplicity, unencumbered spaces, optimization of natural light and ubiquitously spectacular views. A restaurant will follow in early 2013.”


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