This designer kitchen is located in Samford, Queensland, Australia, and was created by Kim Duffin of Sublime Architectural Interiors. The kitchen is bright and spacious, open to the adjacent terrace, allowing for flexibility of use and enjoyment. A simple colour scheme of “Quasar White” Staron was chosen for all surfaces to ensure the space remained timeless and would not compete with the featured surrounds. Textured wood grain laminate in “Blacken Ash” was used to highlight and frame the views. The simplicity keeps the elements of the kitchen, both inside and out, connected and seamless. This connection remains strong with the use of the aluminum channelling throughout the cabinets and on the door panels. This channel provides a strong linear line that draws the eye in and around the kitchen and out to the cabinets on the deck. Aluminium framed glass sliding doors have been used to between the kitchen and appliance pantry and breakfast hub. The aluminium frame was chosen to connect with the aluminium channelling used throughout the kitchen and the glass was used to reflect the light within the space.


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