Private Home 08 was designed by Bulgarian studio Bozhinovski Design. The project presents an ultra-modern interior, with sleek surfaces and highly elegant design. This apartment was designed for two adults and two children. the architects wanted to create a home with a  futuristic vision and a ultra modern character.


Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-001 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-002 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-003 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-004 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-005 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-006 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-007 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-008 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-009 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-010 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-011 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-012 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-013 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-014 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-015 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-016 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-017 Bozhinovski Design-designrulz-018