Designed by  FDS Arquitectos,  this small hotel is located in Lavalleja, Uruguay.

House- designrulz-044

According ti the architects: A good friend calls us to design a small hotel, 4 or 6 rooms on the hills of Lavalleja, Uruguay. The area is very well known for its spiritual tourism, as it is a very energetic place.  The project has to be designed according to Hartmann’s energetic  lines, taking into consideration the grid, in such a way that the resting places, (e.g. beds) fall into positive quadrants; there has to be an area for his family to live in, but it should be flexible enough to turn it into a guestroom;  it must have a spacious reception area to accommodate groups of daily visitors seeking spiritual tourism but they shouldn’t interfere with the privacy and the activities carried out by guests, and finally it should be self-sustainable energywise as there are no energy nor water supplies available.

House- designrulz-046

The energy needed for the hotel is provided by the wind and the sun, through a windmill and solar panels. The water, which is drinkable, is obtained from the ground. The area is famous for the great quality of its water springs. Rooms are connected by an outdoor corridor protected by the EST Stone-Wall ending in the pools. The Wall is permeated in order to qualify a simple conversation space leveled with the ground. The WEST Stone Wall is much more permeable so the rooms can enjoy views to the setting sun. In the low level there are 6 rooms, 2 of which have the chance to communicate with the upper level indoors and to eventually be used by the family.

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