As a designer I am often asked by clients how to recreate this feeling of warmth and how to create a room with character and personality. Color is key to achieving a warm interior.  One of the simplest ways to create a sophisticated living room is by choosing a neutral palette for the walls and building from there. With a neutral wall color you can dress the room and add character with accessories, furnishings and furniture. A neutral palette also means you can refresh your décor regularly if you fancy.  A living room with a charming wood-burning fireplace and a large sofa ensures the inhabitants have a wonderful time relaxing in front of the TV or enjoying the calming effect of seeing and hearing the fire crackling.

 When choosing an indoor fireplace for your home it is important that it provides the necessary heat output and flame display to match the size and style of your room. Because a fireplace will always be the center of attention, it should be beautiful, efficient and easy to use. Escea fireplaces combine innovative contemporary design with quality of the highest magnitude and give you a wide choice. Escea gas fireplaces are synonymous with minimalist modern sophisticated style and design. Indoor-outdoor flow is very important for many people who like to make the most of their urban gardens. Many city dwellers would love to relax in their outdoor space on colder days and not just use the swimming pool in summer. A covered deck and an outdoor fireplace can be a good start to make this option possible.