Simpraxis Architects designed this contemporary home in 2011 for a family living in Nicosia, Cyprus. The building is an imposing structure that opens to reveal a light, spacious interior. The house is programmatically divided into two parts. A two story rectangular box along the east boundary includes bedrooms and a bathroom for the children as well as guest areas, service areas, kitchen and parking. An intermediary space with glass floor functions as a bridge that connects the master bedroom to the rest of the second floor. The experience of the floating transparent floor, besides physically connecting the two parts of the second floor, introduces an element of autonomy to the parents’ personal space within the bigger void of the house. A tree shades the interior courtyard in the summer and protects the interior spaces from the summer western sun. Once all glass doors are open the enclosed courtyard and the interior spaces function as one. Opening the exterior folding doors expands the boundary of the space to the edges of the rectangular lot and beyond.


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