This concrete interior is part of a home located in Osice, a small village southwest of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic and was designed by oooox.

The interior utilizes its concrete walls to create an elegant and sophisticated effect by keeping the palette neutral, using stunning lighting fixtures, and tastefully choosing few decorative accessories.

oooox-designrulz-001 oooox-designrulz-002 oooox-designrulz-003 oooox-designrulz-004 oooox-designrulz-005 oooox-designrulz-006 oooox-designrulz-007 oooox-designrulz-008 oooox-designrulz-009 oooox-designrulz-010 oooox-designrulz-011 oooox-designrulz-012 oooox-designrulz-013 oooox-designrulz-014 oooox-designrulz-015 oooox-designrulz-016