They say organizing starts at the door. If you’ve already passed this test, let’s see how the living room looks like: where do you put the television, the vases collection and the little sculptures brought from vacations spent abroad? And, last but not least…where to you pile up the books?  Danilo Olim founder of  Daao-Concepts has solutions for book lovers! The system he created allows you to organize the books efficiently, letting the room airy and clean. The floor-to-ceiling shelf system was designed as to allow you to hide and/ or show different objects stored in white little boxes. When you need something, you simply press the shelf  and take the objects, and when you don’t, let them hidden behind an elegant, white wall.  Expert in creativity,  Danilo Olim has also designed a set of a table with 4 armchairs that can be arranged in a cube when nobody needs to use them. They are perfect for small offices or out door areas where the pieces of furniture need to be flexible and functional. Have a look and let us know if you enjoyed his projects!


daao-designrulz-01-001daao-designrulz-01-002 daao-designrulz-01-003

daao-designrulz-02-001 daao-designrulz-02-002 daao-designrulz-02-003 daao-designrulz-02-004 daao-designrulz-02-005 daao-designrulz-02-006 daao-designrulz-03-001 daao-designrulz-03-002 daao-designrulz-04-001 daao-designrulz-04-002