Designed by Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG , the House Hin located in Salzburg, Austria. Natural light in all rooms, fluent room transitions, the entanglement of bathroom and sleeping-area, staged outlooks at nature, a floating carport roof – these characteristics distinguish this project and make it smartvoll. Organizing a connection between the old and the new house and enabling a side-by-side family living, was also part of our request. The new house is now accessible through the entry of the property and the old house can be reached through a staircase right behind the new construction. Thus, the saddle roof is not only a roof, it is also a carport, the passage to an old existing pavilion and a pillar-free comfort zone on the inside with a big living, dining and kitchen area.


House H - designrulz-001  House H - designrulz-003 House H - designrulz-004 House H - designrulz-005 House H - designrulz-002House H - designrulz-006  House H - designrulz-009 House H - designrulz-010 House H - designrulz-011 House H - designrulz-012 House H - designrulz-013 House H - designrulz-014 House H - designrulz-007House H - designrulz-015 House H - designrulz-016 House H - designrulz-017