Realized by Add Design, the apartment below is modern and functional, yet keeping a warm, cozy feeling. Arranging a space that speaks to you is always a good start, but taking the time to consider the functionality of your layout goes a long way as well. Located in Poznan, a city in west-central Poland, the apartment borrows a lot from urban life influences consisting in modern pieces of furniture, luxurious gadgets, high tech accessories and extravagant pictures. Even tough, the designer did not forget to warm the space a little bit and inserted wood as much as possible. Known for its resistance, the material is sometimes used to simply change the atmosphere when you feel there is too much steel and concrete inside. For example, it works perfectly in the kitchen near the aluminium glitter of the oven and the cooker hood.

Don’t ignore storing items when you live in a small apartment.
Not only does the glass wall bring in plenty of light, but it frames a dramatic view. I know what I’d paint!
A large sofa in the living room
When you do not have anything special to show, choose an extravagant cover bed or paint baroque patterns on the wall… that’ll make the room look amazing!
Living room, kitchen and dining room – they are all included in one open space when you have only 50sqm to live in!

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