Vuelta a Empezar is a project completed by Egue y Seta, part of the Casa Decor 2010 held in Barcelona, Spain. It is a suite based on the idea of the Garden of Eden, as represented by the hanging vines, and great number of plants and red apples strewn throughout the space.

vuelta-designrulz-001 vuelta-designrulz-002 vuelta-designrulz-003 vuelta-designrulz-004 vuelta-designrulz-005 vuelta-designrulz-006 vuelta-designrulz-007 vuelta-designrulz-008 vuelta-designrulz-009 vuelta-designrulz-010 vuelta-designrulz-011 vuelta-designrulz-012 vuelta-designrulz-013 vuelta-designrulz-014