It is not easy for young moms to do sports when they ‘ve just given birth or have a young child. Combining baby-moving and exercise it’s a very good idea!


Quinny and Studio Peter van Riet has developed the Longboard Stroll, an urban skateboard design that allows mothers to continue to do sport while carrying her child. The Deck is still in concept and prototype phase but hopefully will come to fruition in the near future.  Studio Peter Van Riet which has already got some bling from this idea  being awarded the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2012.

Longboard Stroll-designrulz-001 Longboard Stroll-designrulz-002


Taga Bike – Completely Awesome! Stroller and Tricycle

taga-bike-designrulz-1 taga-bike-designrulz-2 taga-bike-designrulz


Orbit Baby Double Stroller


double-helix-1 double-helix-4


The Roller Buggy  is a multi-functional baby carriage transformable into a scooter. Its transformable into a scooter pulled through simple movements of the lower body, expand the standard stroller on a scooter for ages 1,5 – 4 years, makes the transportation more sportive and faster. It’s easy to store away, and very practical. view more
the-Roller-Buggy-1 the-Roller-Buggy-3 the-Roller-Buggy-23