Israeli architectural firm Sharon Neuman Architects has designed the House E. Completed in 2010, this 3,229 square foot contemporary home is located in Haruzim, Israel.

house e--designrulz-001

The clients wanted a large, spacious house on one hand, while maintaining the intimacy and the sense of a warm family life on the other. It features a large open plan living area, and a patio which is connected to most rooms. The house is based on the longitudinal axis as private area and an open square space 120 sq.m as public area. a dramatic long corridor is lighted by a “light-fall” – a sky light window devised to also let hot air out. Concrete is one of the most common materials here, and is used in a unique way – thin fiber cement surfaces form the kitchen counter-tops and wrap the island, coat the window sills, the surfaces in bathrooms and garden benches. There is a huge piece of furniture designed as multi – functional storage, located in the central open space, accessed from four sided. One of its sides hides the steps leading down to the basement and has a niche displaying a collection of sculptures.

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