Ukrainian studio Ryntovt Design has completed the Home in the Log Cabin project in 2011. This 1,291 square foot single family house located in the Kharkov region in Ukraine. The ground floor houses the living room which is linked to the kitchen and the dining room. A clay stove-fireplace rising above the tables and dishes symbolizes homely warmth and comfort. There is also a guest room and a bathroom here. The first floor accommodates bedrooms (master-bedroom and childrens room) and a bathroom. The two floors of the house are connected by means of a staircase which is an important functional and conceptual core of the entire interior. A whole lot of miscellaneous objects can be stored and displayed here – interesting trifles, books, dishes, and various equipment are all arranged in a certain sequence. Inside the steps there are drawers for things which are not supposed to be on display. All the furniture was designed and produced by Yuriy Ryntovts design bureau according to original sketches. Solely natural materials were used for construction and interior decoration works: wood, clay, plaster with natural additives (hay, grass), metal, natural fabric.

Ryntovt Design-designrulz-001 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-002 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-003 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-004 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-005 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-006 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-007 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-008 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-009 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-010 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-011 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-012 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-013 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-014 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-015 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-016 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-017 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-018 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-019 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-020 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-021 Ryntovt Design-designrulz-022