This restored cottage is located in the heart of the Penedès wine region, just 35 km from Barcelona.  The property itself is situated on rolling hills that are covered by some of Spain’s most beautiful vineyards and olive groves, and with the stunning Montserrat mountains serving as a backdrop. Inside of this beautifully restored cottage, you’ll find an eclectic combination of local antiques and modern pieces, chosen by the well known Spanish designer Marta Esteve. Nothing was overlooked in this place, from the enchanting patio to the inspiring rustic kitchen. Everything seems to be perfectly placed together and I can’t help but wish I could spend a couple of weeks in this cottage in Spain. The expansive door adds some architectural interest and plenty of natural light. The brick wall is original to the house, but what really steals the show is that incredible ceiling and doors.

Yes, all of this is in Spain! Can it get any better than that? Wouldn’t this be the perfect place to have your vacation? Want to pack your bags to Spain? This cottage can actually be rented for: 600 € per night — 3,500 € per week or 10,000 € per month.

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