Santo Domingo-based studio Pons Arquitectos has designed the Tingo and Fenny Residence. Completed in 2003, this contemporary single family home is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The architect’s objective in this Project was to develop two houses for two siblings, on a single 25, 824 sq. ft. lot, with common areas, but with abundant privacy and independence for each house. Three floors are housed in these volumes; however, only two are noticeable from the outside in order to maintain the residential scale. The floor plan is similar in both houses. The underground level includes garages, guest rooms and one study room. Common areas to both homes include gym, swimming pool and a large hall for social gatherings. Second floor is reserved for bedrooms. Marble, granite, brick and stone give color and texture to the volumes.

Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-001 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-002 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-003 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-004 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-005 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-006 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-007 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-008 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-009 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-010 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-011 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-012 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-013 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-014 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-015 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-016 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-017 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-018 Pons Arquitectos-designrulz-019