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Many parents find it exceedingly difficult to let children sleep all by themselves during the first while after birth and the Culla Belly Co-Sleeper helps to incorporate the little one into the bed with mom and dad without fears of injury.

This Culla Belly co-sleeper is so completely awesome. This co-sleeper design called Culla Belly, by Italian designers Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti, won first prize at Playing Design’s International Design Competition for children’s design.  It would be nice to see this design winner make it to the marketplace.  It’s the best co-sleeping product we’ve ever seen. The wooden base is secured under the mattress of the bed.  The final design doesn’t have all the style of the initial concept, but this is frequently what happens in the transition from idea to reality.

The co-sleeper is available in seven colors: red, blue, green, orange, light blue, cream, and pink. It costs €390.00. Buy it from here!

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Culla Belly Co-Sleeper keeps your baby close

Being a parent is amazing, but also very challenging. It tests your patience, your nervous system, your diligence. In return, you get unconditioned love from your little baby. The very first months are incredibly difficult especially during nights when you have to watch him carefully. Instead of a bed or a crib, try this Culla Belly Co-Sleeper designed by Manuela Busetti. It is a baby bassinet that can be used as a regular crib during the day, and as an attachment to a grownup bed at night.

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As you can easily notice, this product is amazing. It has two functions: bed during night and a comfy crib all day long. You can attach it to your bed, but also to the dining table.

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Open one side of the bassinet and let the barrier between the child and the mother fall. What is even more important is the time you save by having your baby by your side. Just imagine him crying during night and you stumbling around to see what happened. With Culla Belly Co-Sleeper  you do not have to worry anymore!

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Sweet dreams, baby!

With his mom by his side, he will sleep very well!

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