Strand Residence reflecting all about water, inside and out. The creative team of Horst Architects designed the luxurious Strand Residence located in Dana Point, California. Seeking to re-establish their familial base, the owners requested a relaxed family beach house accommodating three master suites for parents and grandparents, as well as a suitable environment for children, grandchildren and friends. Every room offers extensive ocean views and reflecting ponds at each level ensure a soothing atmosphere. The courtyard of this luxury home consists of several overlapping ponds and and provides space to relax and enjoy the view of the sea. Indoor and outdoor living is orchestrated by balancing views with privacy, communal space with intimacy. The clear expression of the steel skeleton structure, in filled with glass and wood, allows the structure to sit lightly along the coastal terrain, while limestone walls anchor the structure. The interplay of light, materials and composition contribute to a sense of place rooted into the site.

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